Project Description

Michael Morford, MBA

MBA – Business Development Officer

Michael Morford, former CPT, U.S. Army and Iraq War veteran, is a 2000 MacArthur Leadership Award recipient presented by the Chief of Staff of the Army and two-time Louisiana U.S. Army Reserve company-grade officer of the year. Michael has a BS in Engineering and Masters in Business, both from Tulane University. Michael founded VertiPrime and is the visionary for Odysseus, a procurement technology framework. Michael was a logistics officer focused on war planning under the 377th Theater Support Command downtrace to 3rd Army and US CENTCOM focused on logistics. Once deployed, he served in the Joint Logistics Headquarters in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait during the initial phase of the Iraqi War. He is a National Security Fellow and sits on the energy committee for the Truman National Security Project.