Low Risk. No upfront costs. No minimums. Will read from your PACS.

Teleradiology Alliance brings a low-risk solution with no minimums and no up-front costs. Essentially this is an insurance policy that is flexible enough to provide resources to workload balance so you don’t get caught off-guard with image volume surges.

The Teleradiology Alliance radiology team is built with a strong foundation of general and sub-specialty radiologists to include fellowship training in Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology, Breast Imaging, Body Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.

Teleradiology Alliance has the infrastructure and clinical resources to collaborate with our clients in addressing critical needs such as . . .

● Flexible surge protection / workload balancing
● Supplemental sub-specialty coverage
● Vacation coverage

We strongly believe the healthcare services are driven on a local level. Therefore, our mission is to collaborate, not compete, with local physicians to provide quality patient care. We only credential the resources needed so as to not overload our client’s credentialing assets.

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